The mind of a Grandmaster

Not Safe For Work. Or Juniors. Or the Faint of Heart. Proceed at your own risk... Nigel Short speaks:
"I'm going to give him a good rogering"
"T.D.F." (= Trap, Dominate, Fuck)
"I'm going to give it to him good and hard"
Chapter One, page 9, Dominic Lawson's The Inner Game.

  If psychoanalytic/psychodynamic/depth psychology approaches to chess interest you, there is Ernest Jones' very well-known account of the life of Paul Morphy, and Cockburn's Idle Passion: Chess and the dance of death. Both see the symbolism of chess at strongly patricidal. P.C. Wason in his review in CHESS magazine noted Cockburn's revealing comment that

"My father defeated me in our early games."
and inferred that the author's dismissal of chess was simply jealousy: better players can indulge in far superior patricidal fantasies...