My Chess Career

I always dream of playing smooth positional games where I beat strong players to the cheers of the adoring crowds, but even my best efforts seem to have huge holes in them, and the rest seem to be dominated by cheapos, blunders and swindles. But who can claim more? I hope you are entertained at least by these humble efforts.

  I do like my opponents to resign when I'm winning, but I can't blame them for not doing so when you see how often I get swindled by others. When Nabokov refers to the "abysmal depths of chess", you may assume he had games like these in mind.

  In recent years, despite the embarrassing evidence below, I have taken on coaching of adults and juniors, using canonical examples. One of the things that makes me do this is the number of games that I win because I remember something I've seen in a GM game - for example, in my one and only correspondence game. At times like this, a club player can (in some sense) play like a master. The other thing is, coaching is a way of paying tribute to people like Tom Briggs, who were kind to me when I was starting out.

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