Openings for Black and White

Subject: Re: Help needed: Any similar black and white opening systems?

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 (Mlkienholz) writes:

>Hi netters,
>Does anyone have any advice for selecting an opening system? I have been
>that this is my achilles heel. What I'm looking for is a black and white
>system that has similar objectives, like maybe the Sicilian and the
>But I'd also like to find something that is flexible, and useful against
>a wide variety of black/white responses. Anyone have some suggestions?

Sounds like you're half-way there:

Hypermodern with g3/g6 and c4/c5
White:              English with g3
Black against 1.e4: Sicilian with ...g6
Black against 1.d4: Benoni

Hypermodern with g3/g6
White:              King's Indian Attack
Black against 1.e4: Pirc/Modern
Black against 1.d4: King's Indian/Modern

Hypermodern with b3/b6
White:              Nimzo-Larsen 1. b3
Black against 1.e4: Owen's Defence 1...b6
Black against 1.d4: English Defence 1...b6

Open game with piece play:
White:              Lopez with early d4, or Scotch Opening
Black against 1.e4: Two Knights', Open Morphy Lopez
Black against 1.d4: Budapest Gambit, Grunfeld

>I also understand the theory of strongpoint type openings fairly well. Are
>any systems that fit in this framework?

"Flexible" and "strongpoint" seem to me to be a contradiction!

Strongpoint on d4/d5
White:              Colle System or London System
Black against 1.e4: French or Gurgenidze (..g6/...c6)
Black against 1.d4: Slav or Orthodox QGD

Strongpoint on e4/e5
White:              Bishop's Opening
Black against 1.e4: Philidor's Defence
Black against 1.d4: Old Indian, Old Benoni

All this for 2 cents...