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Finding a decent WYSIWYG editor; they all seem to fight with the theme, fail to display old pages entered using the plain text editor and/or mangle the content.  CKEditor also allows you to type in black on a dark brown background... Once I've finished battling with the raw HTML code I might install the YUI editor for members and visitors.


[decent display system: see content/chessy-web-pages ]

Creating a full list index
Creating a table index of Handouts
List latest changes: latest
List popular posts: popular
Monthly index now sorted: archivesimon
RSS feed for site (at old location)
Feed aggregator: aggregator
Copying old coaching handouts etc. across: index
Copying all blog posts: blogs/drdave
Display of PGN files: content/play-through-pgn-collections
Display of Canon by section: content/canon