Roll of Honour

The Club room for many years had two fine painted wooden boards bearing the names of the club champions since 1949. The first board also proclaims:

Prior to the institution of this record, the Championship was held for many years by Mr. H.V. Mallison, a friend and benefactor of the Club. 

This list extends the record to the start of the Championship, and lists more recently founded competitions. [We have also commissioned a third board, to record the pre-War champions.]

A* below indicates that the champion went on to win the Winter-Wood Championship for that year, played between individual club champions of Devon.

[Please let us know about any errors or omissions.]

About the competitions
Year Club Championship Cottew Cup Douglas Phillips Quickplay Rex Willis Gambit Tournament
T.J. Paulden
Luke Honey & Cameron Davis
P.A. O'Neill
J. Haynes
No contest
No contest
2019-2020 (completed 2021)
J. Haynes
S. Pacetti
P.A. O'Neill
J. Amos
Graham Bolt
P.A. O'Neill
T.J. Paulden
A. Dean & S. Pope
J. Poschmann
W. Marjoram

D. Regis
R. Player
T.J. Paulden
A. Boyne
Jonathan Waley
Tim Paulden
Tim Paulden
Jonathan Waley Pablo Medina# & Tim Paulden
Giles Body#, Tim Paulden & Dave Regis
2011-2012 G.Bolt
Richard Scholes
Graham Bolt
Graham Bolt
2010-2011 G.Bolt Charlie Keen
Graham Bolt Tim Paulden
2009-2010 G.Bolt Jonathan Waley Andrew Boyne Charlie Keen / Graham Bolt
2008-2009 S.Waters Ray Shepherd
Charlie Keen Tim Paulden
2007-2008 G.Bolt Daniel Frean
Daniel Frean Graham Bolt
2006-2007 D.Regis Tom Stephenson and Ray Shepherd
Dave Regis Graham Bolt
2005-2006 A.Boyne Ishan Ramdewar
Andrew Boyne Oskar Hall
2004-2005 D.Regis John Maloney
Andrew Boyne? Dave Regis in AGM minutes. [1st year] Sean Pope / Simon Waters
2003-2004 D.Regis Tom Stephenson Shamo? No contest this season.
2002-2003 P.Trussler Brian Aldwin
David Regis
2001-2002 S.Waters Tom Stephenson Simon Waters # Trophy on tie-break
2000-2001 S.J.Homer Eric Soper
David Regis
1999-2000 I.Clarke Rex Willis

1998-99 C.V.J.Bellers Ray Shepherd Alan George/David Regis
1997-98 A.Pickering Danny Sparkes
Eric Lang
1996-97 A.Pickering Ian Ashford
Michiel van Wissen
1995-96 D.Hill Jim Rosseinsky
Steve Webb
1994-95 A.S.Karlsson Nick Frost
David Regis
1993-94 K.B.Hills Rex Willis
Ken Hills
1992-93 B.D.Beake M Hawkins
Brian Hewson
1991-92 R.H.Lingham Sean Pope
Richard Lingham
1990-91 R.H.Lingham David Beckwith
Richard Lingham
1989-90 B.W.R.Hewson No complete record
but amongst winners were
Daniel Hill,
David Beckwith,
Mark Abbott and
Richard Towers.
S Carr
1988-89 A.Pickering Chris Heath/Kevin Watts
1987-88 C.Heath Chris Heath
1986-87 C.Heath C Heath/J Hayward/B Hewson
1985-86 C.Heath Chris Heath
1984-85 C.Heath Richard Lingham
1983-84 J.F.Menadue Brian Hewson
1982-83 J.F.Menadue Jeremy Menadue
1981-82 C.Rigby Brian Hewson
1980-81 B.W.R.Hewson

1979-80 R.A.Lee

1978-79 B.W.R.Hewson N J L Horne

1977-78 R.A.Lee D A Phillips

1976-77 R.A.Lee D Cooper

1975-76 R.A.Lee T Paine

1974-75 D.F.L.Richardson T Radmore and P Rugman

1973-74 R.A.Lee L Pidsley

1972-73 R.A.Lee T Paine

1971-72 R.A.Lee D J Tout

1970-71 B.W.Clapp No record

1969-70 R.A.Lee No record

1968-69 B.W.Clapp Dr R C Chaturvedi

1967-68 B.W.Clapp Dr R C Chaturvedi

1966-67 D.J.Richards Dr R C Chaturvedi

1965-66 D.J.Richards A G H Winterburn

1964-65 D.J.Richards A G H Winterburn

1963-64 D.J.P.Gray D J P Gray and J H Jones

1962-63 B.W.Clapp Eddy Czerniawski and A Radmore

1961-62 D.J.Richards Dr R C Chaturvedi, J J Griffiths and M Wood

1960-61 D.J.Richards J Simpson

1959-60 A.G.H.Winterburn R Ware

1958-59 A.G.H.Winterburn P G Walton

1957-58 L.C.A.Lewis R J Harrison

1956-57 F.E.A.Kitto R J Harrison

1955-56 E.Czerniawski

1954-55 F.E.A.Kitto

1953-54 D.P.Bonner

1952-53 D.P.Bonner

1951-52 D.J.P.Gray

1950-51 R.B.Copleston

1949-50 R.Barrenger

1948-49 R.B.Copleston

1947-48 R.B.Copleston

1946-47* H.V.Mallison

1945-46* H.V.Mallison

1937-38* H.V.Mallison

1935-36* H.V.Mallison

1934-35* H.V.Mallison

1932-33* H.V.Mallison

1930-31 H.V.Mallison

1929-30 A.H.Hart

1928-1929 A.J.Roberts/A.H.Hart

1927-28 A.M.Pearson

1926-27* H.V.Mallison

1925-26 A.J.Roberts

1924-25 H.J.Stretton

1923-24 H.J.Stretton

1922-23 H.V.Mallison

1921-22 H.V.Mallison

1920-21 H.J.Stretton

1919-20 R.Cook

1918-19 C.E.Parry

1917-18 E.L.Pattinson

1916-17 H.J.Stretton

1915-16 C.E.Parry

1914-15 C.E.Parry

1913-14 C.E.Parry

1912-13 W.H.Gundry

1911-12 W.H.Gundry

1910-11 A.L.Noake

1909-10 A.L.Noake

1908-09 W.H.Gundry

About the tournaments:

Year Club Championship Cottew Cup
Douglas Phillips Quickplay Rex Willis Gambit Tournament

[Please let us know about any errors or omissions.]

Also known as the 'General' Tournament Cup.
In recent years this has been a competition for those not in contention for the club championship itself; since the institution of a single Swiss system competition for the Championship, it has been awarded to the highest-placed player with a grade below the arithmetic average.
(Cup in memory of G R Cottew)

Quickplay in this context means a 10-second 'buzzer' tournament; once practised widely, we come across buzzer tournaments more rarely these days. Foreign visitors in particular seem less likely to have played it before, although this has not hindered their success.

Douglas was a ex-Navy man, among whose accomplishments was a hair-curling repertoire of alternative lyrics to well-known tunes.

He became a market gardener, and secretary of the chess club. In his memory, his widow instituted a Cup for this form of chess which he so enjoyed.

The Cup is contested annually under the able stewardship of Richard Hitchcock.

Rex Willis was, as all who know him are agreed, a character. Disabled from birth by cerebral palsy, he heaved coal sacks at St.Loyes' College as a youngster, and in later life pursued chess, pipe-smoking and driving with great gusto and a characteristic huge grin. Watching him do any of these could give spectators some anxious moments! Between games he quizzed colleagues about employment law, molecular genetics and Wittgenstein, either to check his understanding of these issues or theirs.

Legacy nid: