Summer Coaching 2008

So, starting in a similar way as last year , I asked everyone to name the three main reasons you lose chess games.

These turned out to be:


Lack of strategy

Not looking for outposts enough

Moving pieces which leave holes in my position

Failure to spot strategic weaknesses early enough


Moving rather than taking more time

Poor psychology: making mistakes and then making worse ones

Letting my opponent off when I was ahead on material with a better position


Playing a middlegame sequence out of in the wrong order

Running out of time

Miscalculation (poor vision)

Blunders -- mainly after 1 hour+ -- due, I suspect, to lack of recent practice

Careless loss of material


Moving without working out what my opponent can do in reply

Not seeing the opponent's intended move

Not being completely aware to what my opponent up to


Opening inaccuracy

Inferior opening preparation

Poor openings

In opening, occasionally make over-easy moves which weaken my position


Getting shafted on the diagonals

Playing unsound attacks

I can be over-keen to attack, i.e. launch an attack before I've prepared the necessary back -up

Over-extension in the middle-game (trying too hard to win)

I'll try to come up with a programme which includes some material relevant to these topics as well as suggestions made earlier