Summer Coaching 2010

26th_May_2010: Summer Coaching 2010

With the close of the club championship (congratulations Graham) I am thinking about organising some coaching sessions over the summer (the latest phase of the blind leading the wossname).  If people would like this, I would like suggestions, and perhaps even volunteers, for sessions.

I've had the approach in previous years of asking you to identify three things in chess that you do well (or well enough) and three things that you would like to improve.  I've taken the list of targets for improvement and anything that more than one person wanted to do I've arranged a session on.  I've also usually done a general Q&A on Openings and am happy to kick off the series with that one.

I still think that's a reasonable starting point, but we could have an extra productive session if these lists of chess skills/understanding could be emailed or otherwise notified to me in advance.  So, all material gratefully received.  The comment system below I think still works, we have a fine Yahoo group and many of you know my email address.