Occasionally, two unconnected bits of the world collide in the space between my ears, which can make me laugh.

I don't know if Nigel Short still refers to Judit Polgar as 'Lassie'.

Anyhow, I was doodling online while listening to a repeat of Cabin Pressure on the radio, when I came across this interesting statistic:

Player: Judit Polgar
Player profile: Nigel Short

Overall record: Judit Polgar beat Nigel Short 12 to 3, with 5 draws.*
* Based on games present in our database; may not be complete.
(from chessgames.com)

So, if there is anything at all to add, it is probably: [woof.mp3 (66.25 KB)]


"Women will never be great chess players -- They just don't have the killer instinct." -- Nigel SHORT