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  • From

    Do New Ideas Stand Up in Practice? by GM Richard Reti

    (translated by R. Tekel and M. Shibut)

  • From left to right, as White faces them:

  • My young friend and former student Theo Slade quoted this to me a while ago.

    "To take is a mistake"

    In some circumstances, it's easy to see why:

  • (A) Exeter 2½-5½ Newton Abbot (H)

    Graham Bolt 196 (B) ½-½ Paul Brooks 170 (W)
    Dave Regis 166 (W) ½-½ Alan Brusey 158 (B)
    Sean Pope 140 ½-½ Vignesh Ramesh
    Tony Hart 135 0-1 Andrew Kinder
    John Guard 130 ½-½ John Allen
    Will Marjoram 128 ½-½ Jacquie Barber-Lafon
    John Maloney 108 0-1 Mike Hussey
    Brian Aldwin 88 0-1 Z Grophulous

    Exeter 2½-5½ Newton Abbot

    Games to follow

  • [SIMPLE AND SOUND: Basic openings for Black: Sicilian Dragon and King's Indian]

  • To toggle the user medal marker in ChessBase on a Win10 laptop, and you don't have a numeric keypad with a plus key, you can use PowerToys' Keyboard Manager to assign something like 'backtick' to 'plus key'

  • Young local chessplayer Dan Frayn organised a charity event at the Cricket Club last Sunday, raising money for Ukraine. As you can see from the photo below, the event was well-attended -- ten games going on simultaneously there! -- and raised £163. Throughout the day, over 30 people came to play chess, with ages perhaps between 6 and 75.


  • There are many candidates for the title of 'the best chessplayer never to win the world championship'. I think I first heard Keres given that title, and he was the second-highest-rated player at some point (according to Jeff Sonas' ChessMetrics website

  • Tues 28th Sept 2021

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