William Ewart Napier

Lockdown and subsequent restrictions have given me time to browse the dustier reaches of my chess library, including Napier's Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess, a compilation of his three booklets Amenities and Background of Chess, each a selection of 100 lightly annotated games to amuse and provide an educative ABC. Horowitz edited this combined work and commented:

Reflections on chess resources

I started coaching adults at the Exeter club in 1993, about the same time as Alan Maynard started up the current incarnation of Exeter Junior Chess Club. I went looking for some useful resources for teaching, and there were some, but mostly I became a magpie, picking shiny bits out of various good books. I did find it irksome that so many books repeated familiar examples, and I thought I could at least pull those out for my colleagues, and that became the core of the Canon. I found particularly useful:
* Tony Gillam - Simple Chess Tactics and Simple Checkmates


Last updated: 19th October 2011

Exeter Chess Club's library is sitting in a number of cardboard boxes in my attic. If you want to borrow any of them, please send a pigeon attached to a message in the usual way.

Status: MIA = Missing

Notation: A = Algebraic, D = Descriptive











Otherwise good books...

Otherwise Good Books with a Confidence-Sapping Error in the Very First Diagram:

Gerzadowicz, S - Thinker's Chess (Thinker's Press)
McDonald, N - Defence in Chess (Master Class)


Otherwise Good Books with a Confidence-Sapping Cover (before you ever get to a Diagram):

My current favourite is Play Anti-Indian Systems by Egon Varnusz, cover by Pintail Design for Maxwell Macmillan Chess (published in 1991).

Review: Zurich 1953 - Bronstein

Guest review by Russell Gooding

 David Bronstein. His classic book Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953,and the average club player.

 In 1953 David Bronstein was already a proven world class chess player. Only two years previously - following a candidate's playoff against his lifelong friend Isaac Boleslavski - he had drawn a most dramatic match for the world title.


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