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To toggle the user medal marker in ChessBase on a Win10 laptop, and you don't have a numeric keypad with a plus key, you can use PowerToys' Keyboard Manager to assign something like 'backtick' to 'plus key' a Perl script to convert FEN chess positions to human-readable diagrams 1.0

A Perl script for converting FEN position notation into a human-readable
8x8 chessboard diagram (or rather, a 10x10 diagram useable with the
Alpine typefaces, Linares/Hastings/Zurich).

It's not pretty but it's useful and it works. Developed after
discovering no obvious way to get diagrams into printable game
annotations on an Ubuntu system.

[I expect there is some alternative magic involving TeX but it was beyond
my skills and patience.]

Techie bits

The main thing to notice is that several of the games and positions are available as Portable Game Notation (PGN) files, which can be downloaded from the The games and most of the annotations can be found in the PGN block provided on every page and played through offline using a chess database or PGN viewer. In the PGN block there is also a link for you to view the games in a web page, no downloads required.


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