Devon Juniors Training Day Sat 5th Nov 2016

Materials from the event are linked below.

Very many thanks to Paul O'Neill, Julian Bacon, Ben Sturt and Steve Keay for running the day.

Thanks too to Andrew Ashenhurst and St Peter's School for hosting.

U9 Nuhmetz - A homework set.pdf170 KB
U9 Safety, f7, Checkmate races31.94 KB
U9 DuckOpenings.pdf64.45 KB
U14 Think Twice.pdf46.17 KB
U14 HitMissTrap level 1 positions30.56 KB
U14 HitMissTrap level 1 answers22.81 KB
U14 HitMissTrap level 2 positions34.83 KB
U14 HitMissTrap level 2 answers21.97 KB
U14 openings.pdf11.34 KB
U14 JuniorRepertoire.pdf440.79 KB
U14 How Good is Your Chess86.01 KB
U9/U11/U14 Icelandic Endgame Challenge81.04 KB