Modern Classics - the Scotch Gambit

The old Italian-style attacking openings for White have not been played at the top level of chess for a long while. Was Jonathan Penrose the last master to venture the Scotch Gambit? Anyhow, even if the masters have got it all under control, the rest of us can still play in the Romantic, gambit style. It's also easy to recommend to juniors. In pursuit of nostalgia, several people have been posting material on the web about the Scotch Gambit and related openings.
Johnny of the Bishops Bounty Blog has pulled together several of these articles and other resources. As usual, Tim Harding's Kibitzer articles are interesting, even inspiring, without hiding from the best lines for Black. Also worth a peek: There are a few videos on YouTube, which I haven't looked at. [Video has to be the worst way to communicate chess on the web; I can spend seconds on a web page and decide whether it's worth spending more time with, while videos take much more time to evaluate and deliver much less information. We have had play-through game boards for decades, which are much more efficient!]