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Argh 2006

Equally enormous hat-tip to Tryfon Gavriel of www.LetsPlayChess.com for finding a place for us to shelter when Exeter University went through a bout of indigestion.

Sadly, one of the consequences of moving from Exeter University was dropping a couple

An ABC of chess

Exeter Chess Club: An ABC of Chess

Here's a mental toolkit for the improving chess player.

  I think that for each of these elements there are different levels of understanding e.g. bad Bishop

1) I've heard of it!

2) I know what it is and could explain it to a junior.

3) I understand enough to make use of the idea in a game.

Chess Notation

Algebraic and descriptive notations

[There is a more detailed explanation of notation and more of the symbols available.]

  Here is the board, labelled using both systems of notation (text-only browsers: see below for pre-formatted version!)

Descriptive (from Black's side)
Descriptive (from White's side)


Mopping Up

There were three issues raised at the start of the summer that I haven't dealt with yet, and thought I'd offer some reflection.  It turned out that the people who wanted to work on these issues aren't around at the moment, so I might come back to these!
  1. Making practice (at club and at home) really helpful in terms of improvement
    That would be a good thing to solve!  Well, in many ways I've tried to promote and model this over the last few years, so I will be brief here.

Level 290

We're used to doing puzzles which might be mate-in-one (Level I), mate-in-two (Level II) and so on. Someone asked on Friday, what's the highest level you can get? Well, I have heard of a 1220-move monster by Babson, but that has some peculiar conditions.

The most moves in a forced-mate problem with no conditions is this one, from Otto Blathy, who published a whole book of such monsters.

Mate in 290 -- best of luck!


Following Andy Costello's good performance and much interest in his other sport at Torbay, I wondered if people would be interested in knowing more about chessboxing :
  • Chessboxing article in the Guardian
  • Chessboxing feature on the BBC
  • One of Andy's fights on YouTube
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