Summer Coaching 2010

26th_May_2010: Summer Coaching 2010

With the close of the club championship (congratulations Graham) I am thinking about organising some coaching sessions over the summer (the latest phase of the blind leading the wossname).  If people would like this, I would like suggestions, and perhaps even volunteers, for sessions.

Knight's Tour

Gunno Toernberg tells me he has been working on a computer approach to the problem: you can see his endeavours at: http://w1.859.telia.com/~u85905224/knight/eknight.htm where you can have ago on his Java board.
Comments on: Martin Loebbing and Ingo Wegener, The Number of Knight's
Tours Equals 33,439,123,484,294 --- Counting with Binary Decision

Comment by the authors, May 15, 1996:

The number of knight's tours given in the paper is incorrect, since

Stone Soup

From the FRACTINT documentation

Appendix B Stone Soup With Pixels: The Authors


Once upon a time, somewhere in Eastern Europe, there was a great famine. People jealously hoarded whatever food they could find, hiding it even from their friends and neighbors. One day a peddler drove his wagon into a village, sold a few of his wares, and began asking questions as if he planned to stay for the night.

  [No! No! It was three Russian Soldiers! - Lee Crocker]
[Wait! I heard it was a Wandering Confessor! - Doug Quinn]

Semi-Random Baseline Chess

Semi-Random Baseline Chess

(wild style 1 on Free Internet Chess Servers)

  White and Black play with piece arrangement, where each side's pieces are shuffled separately at random subject to two constraints:

  (1) because castling is such a big part of the game and adds so much more to planning ("I'll provoke a2-a3 so they won't castle queen's-side") the possibility of castling on either side should be preserved. After that, the pieces are randomly shuffled, subject to
(2) there being bishops of either colour square.



Biggest hat-tip in the world to Simon Waters for getting this baby afloat on his tame Drupal server, and thanks also to Tim P for fixing some tiresome CSS.

Argh 2006

Equally enormous hat-tip to Tryfon Gavriel of www.LetsPlayChess.com for finding a place for us to shelter when Exeter University went through a bout of indigestion.

Sadly, one of the consequences of moving from Exeter University was dropping a couple

An ABC of chess

Exeter Chess Club: An ABC of Chess

Here's a mental toolkit for the improving chess player.

  I think that for each of these elements there are different levels of understanding e.g. bad Bishop

1) I've heard of it!

2) I know what it is and could explain it to a junior.

3) I understand enough to make use of the idea in a game.

Chess Notation

Algebraic and descriptive notations

[There is a more detailed explanation of notation and more of the symbols available.]

  Here is the board, labelled using both systems of notation (text-only browsers: see below for pre-formatted version!)

Descriptive (from Black's side)
Descriptive (from White's side)



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