Exeter Chess Club [MAP] is a strong and thriving club in Devon (South-West England), established in 1895, which plays in the Exeter and District Chess League and the leagues organised by the Devon County Chess Association.

This website tells you about the club and its junior wing and keeps members and visitors up to date with developments; you might be particularly interested in our coaching materials and Dr.Dave's Chess Coaching Blog.



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Cotswold Congress 23-25 May 2015

Cotswold Congress

At King’s School, Gloucester, Whitsun Bank Holiday, 23rd – 25th May 2015

DJCA LAST CHANCE SALOON 2015 - UK Chess Challenge Megafinal Qualifier

I hope your school runs a Chess Challenge competition this Spring, and I hope you qualify! But if one of those things is not true, there is always the...



UK Schools Chess Challenge
9:30am Saturday 2nd May 2015 at Kenn Centre, KENNFORD, EX4 1JT
ENTRY FEE £10.00 (please make cheques payable to DJCA)

The most important mistake in chess

I have been writing about the games from the U14 county team events for many years now (12) and often end up saying the same things. This year we had a couple of particularly clear examples of "the most important mistake in chess" ... which is:

ignoring your opponent's threats!

Here's a simple example:
Black has just played 14...Nb4 and White replied with 15.Bh6

Black went ahead with their plan to gobble the c-pawn: 15...Nxc2??

U14 Training Day 14th February 2014

U14 Training Day 14th February 2015

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday and made such a good effort.

The slideshow I used is attached for you to download.

The free book and database is here:

The software you need for different systems to read the database is linked here:

Club Championship 2014/15

Club Championship 2014/15 - Crosstable after Round 2
 ID NAME                 Grd   T  Fed  Pts |   1     2     3 
  1 Tim Paulden           185  NC ---  2.0 | +B10  +W6    B4  
  2 Dave Regis            176  NC ---  2.0 | +W11  +B7    W3  
  3 Lorenz Hartmann       170  NC ---  2.0 | +B12  +W9    B2  
  4 Giles Body            169  NC ---  2.0 | +W13  +B18   W1  
  5 Jon Duckham           152  NC ---  1.5 | =B14  +W10   B8  
  6 Sean Pope             144  NC ---  1.0 | +W15  -B1    W11 
  7 Charlie Keen          14